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Here's what clients around the country are saying about Sanderson Law:

"Thank you!​ for always being there for us."


He came up with a good plan, stuck to it, and it worked. 

My divorce was an unpleasant period in my life. However, Mr. Sanderson and his firm made sure my interests were protected and kept my businesses and assets intact. His office staff is very attentive, friendly, and gets things done quickly and efficiently.

"Sanderson plays a jury like a fiddle."

It's often said that the best defense is a good offense, and Mr. Sanderson understands that strategy. He had my best interests in mind and fought for me in court. I received personal attention from Mr. Sanderson and his very capable staff.

"We were lucky to have [Mr. Sanderson's] expertise to help us get through it.  Thanks for your great guidance and advice."

Hiring Mr. Sanderson and his firm was a wise decision that has benefited our company during its cumbersome litigation in federal court. Mr. Sanderson navigates the federal court system with experience and confidence. We came out smelling like a rose.

Despite our company's complex case in Denver federal court, Mr. Sanderson proved he understands the system. He was not afraid to fight for us and our shareholders. Mr. Sanderson is the lawyer to hire when you want results. And his rates aren't that bad.

"He worked a miracle."

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