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Business Law and Commercial Litigation 
Sanderson Law, P.C. represents businesses large and small throughout the country. Besides business set-up and consultation, Sanderson Law, P.C. litigates commercial disputes in federal and state court and in administrative forums.  When problems with vendors, regulators, tax and licensing agencies, competitors, customers, current and former employees and employers, copyrights and trademarks, forfeiture proceedings, confidential materials etc. arise, count on our experience and skill in working hard to resolve the issue efficiently and effectively. (See also Frequently Asked Questions - Civil and Business Litigation.)

Criminal Defense 

People get into situations.  Not everyone facing criminal prosecution is guilty, or as guilty as prosecutors allege, or deserving of punishment.  We believe in innocent until proven guilty, and fight all the way. Sanderson Law, P.C. represents people and organizations charged with federal, state and/or local offenses. We handle all types and levels of criminal cases and investigations, felony and misdemeanor, including white collar crimes, fraud and embezzlement, insider trading, forfeiture, crimes of violence, arson, drug cases, drinking and driving, assault, sex assault, theft and burglary, domestic violence, etc. Our reputation as a hardworking law firm usually results in favorable plea agreements for our clients. When pleas are not an option, we have the skills, experience, dedication, commitment and resources necessary to fight for our clients' rights. (See also Frequently Asked Questions - Criminal Cases.)

Equine Law
Sanderson Law, P.C., has the connections and experience to handle the special relationships that arise with horses, their owners and their caretakers.  We also know what it takes to maintain a horse property.  For problems, negotiations, contracts, leases, disputes and other matters related to all aspects of horse ownership and riding, count on Sanderson Law, P.C.  (See also Equine Law page for additional equine legal resources; please consult a lawyer for specifics and before proceeding with any equine agreement.)

​Professional, License, Disciplinary and Malpractice Defense
Sometimes (some say inevitably) even experienced and well meaning licensed professionals get into hot water.  It is a cost of doing business in our over-regulated world.  Sanderson Law, P.C. can help.  We’ve been helping lawyers, doctors, nurses, accountants, lenders, brokers, veterinarians, law enforcement, teachers and the like (and their friends and families) get out of situations for over 30 years.  You can expect highly personal, discreet, focused, attentive and confident representation.  Whether it is a criminal matter, disciplinary proceeding, regulatory action, malpractice defense or other defense, or often all of the above, let us handle it.  

White Collar Criminal Defense
When facing investigation, indictment or prosecution at the federal, state or administrative level, count on us for the experience, resources, contacts and know-how to mobilize a quality defense strategy. We have a history of quietly achieving victories through prevention, mitigation, and creative solutions. We can help with forfeiture proceedings too. Let us handle your problems. (See also Frequently Asked Questions - Criminal Cases and What is White Collar Crime.)

Trials and Appeals
Good lawyers try cases and when necessary, appeal them.  When the other side sees that you are ready, willing and able to take the case all the way, better settlement offers and plea bargains usually are the result.  Trials and appeals are where rubber meets the road in litigation.  Although most cases - civil and criminal - resolve before then, our experience in trying cases, and either pursuing or defending state and federal appeals, is a benefit to our clientele many other law firms simply cannot match.  (See also Trials and Appeals.)